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last night I dreamt that David Bowie died.

it wasn't even medical, it just happened, in the dream he died out of nowhere, plain and simple.

weird. I'm not even a fan. No one can't love his music, sure, but I wouldn't say I'm in fandom or listen regularly.

sometimes dreams mean something and sometimes they mean jack, hah
i'll probably do a search on him every now and then for the next few months, though, just to make sure. /creeped out
I'm not doing anything big or getting dead lost in some crowd at midnight...we've got chicken wings, and are going to count down to 12:00AM exactly, going to watch the ball drop. Rahh.
And that's two little entries where I've mentioned holidays alongside food and so on.

So to add to this...I think I am experiencing for the first time what Skins fandom wank is really like (at its craziest?). As it's coming time for this generation to get the second half of their story told, everyone is going nuts with death hints and ship anticipation like I never anticipated. I mean, it's not just ship wank. It's SHIP RAGE. SHIP RAGE.
I think it's better that, out of all my fandoms, in Skins (gen 3 at least), I ship almost every single ship. It's so far been my one ticket out of shipping-discussion fear/anger. And when the actual episodes air, I have a good chance of liking whatever ships get made canon.
It's the way they might be brought together - or apart - that's a bit scary to me. As well as the rest of the plot. If all these hints we're getting come true, then what?? I don't know what to think.
This fandom is cray-cray.
I love it though.

Back to the subject of the new year! Two-thousand twelve! 2012! God I can barely believe it. It should be March. March 2011. I feel like the whole year rushed out ahead of me. Like if every floor you walked on turned into treadmills, and you had to run to catch up.... Gor.


To end a scattered update...goodnight, all. I've got to go. I'll talk to you in the new year!
- SH
Merry Christmas Eve, everybody! I hope you have a wonderful time over the holidays.

We put out wintry decorations just today and it was fun. :) Later (or tomorrow) we're going to make crab dip (to put on bread, muffins)..nom nom nom.

Hi. If you use LJ, you know that they sometimes make ridiculous changes that are useless and just plain bad. When they do this, the staff doesn't listen or change a thing, no matter how much the users say that they dislike it, and would like the changes to be undone.

Most recently, they changed comment page design as well as taking out comment subject lines altogether, and this plus earlier changes (hello, profile-page fiasco) made me want to have a backup journal account on another website, so that if I ever left LJ, I'd have an alternative.

I'm not sure I'll ever use this, but it's good to have. So there you have it.

This'll be the only entry for a while, I think.
Thanks for reading. :)


P.S. The way DW's staff (??) replies to and deals with users is down-to-earth and, well, actually responsive (unlike LJ). I like it.

ETA, Dec. 23rd: All my LJ entries are finished being imported — wow! That took only a day!
Soon I might make a graphics comm-clone here (MAYBE), and import the entries of the original one on LJ (if that is possible????). :)

Dreamwidth so far is awesome.
plus its provided layouts are far prettier than LJ's.
the new LiveJournal comment page/entry page design is gross-looking. the font is too large and it's got that trying-hard-to-be-sleek feeling to it. I was used to the old one...LJ usually doesn't offer opt-outs — maybe people (including me) will speak against it and it'll be changed back?

Yep, there's a whole thread talking against the redesign. But we spoke against the profile-page redesign, and they kept it anyway, so I'm not sure I'll get my hopes up. :/


ETA: Commenter sh*tstorm, part 2.

I've made a dreamwidth account (same username), just in case I ever get too fed up with LJ to continue with the site (whether because of this, or other future changes where the staff just won't listen). :/ I don't think I'll use it, but it's good to have a backup.

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